5 - Software

     Game Manual 0 Software Overview: 


     Pixelated (FTC 12835) Programming Playlist: 

     Getting Starting With Onbot Java:

     (FIRST) Inertial Measurement Unit:


     (FIRST) Debugging Using Telemetry: 


     (FIRST) Connect Driver Station to Controller:

     (FIRST) Configuring Gamepads: 

     5.1 - Blocks (Graphical Programming Language)

(FIRST) Connect to Programming Mode: 

(FIRST) Writing an Op Mode:

(FIRST) Saving and Running an Op Mode: 

(FIRST) Moving Forward and Backward:

(FIRST) Turning: 

(FIRST) Rotate Servos:

(FIRST) Game Pads using Joysticks: 

(FIRST) Game Pads using Buttons: 


(FIRST) Game Pads using Triggers:

(FIRST) Save Early Save Often: 


(FIRST) Initialize the IMU:

(FIRST) Move to Position:

(FIRST) Rotate Counter-clockwise:

(FIRST) Rotate Clockwise:

(FIRST) TensorFlow Object Detection:


      5.2 - Onbot Java (Text Based Programming Language)

CTRL-ALT-Destroy (FTC 9862) Basic Onbot Java Playlist:

CTRL-ALT-Destroy (FTC 9862) Advanced Onbot Java Playlist: